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Hey! I'm Carina! Hence the name Carina's Boutique. Ever since I was little I've always wanted a brand with my name in it. The first time I used a sewing machine was in 6th grade in a mandatory class and I HATED it and had such a hard time and breaking needles while sewing. I then had another mandatory class in 8th grade and I realized I wasn't that bad at it. At that time one of my favourite YouTube started making sewing videos and I was beyond intrigues and LOVED the things they created. I talked with my Grandma who had loved sewing in her youth and we decided to split half the price and buy a sewing machine. I remember that the first thing I sewed was a mini pillow and pillowcase for my other Grandma and that's when I realized it was quite like a little pouch or bag. I then thought to myself that I could use this technique to create a bag! I bought a small piece of fabric when quarantine started and got to making a bag. At that time I would have never realized that 3 months later I would have over 150 orders and getting to start my own brand. I was so proud of the bag, I had posted a picture of it on my clothing account on instagram not knowing how many people wanted one. I then posted it on depop, and was so shocked when I got so many people wanting to order one. I started sewing every single order day and night for 2 months in my dining room and getting more and more people wanting to buy one. The intention of the first bag I made was so that I could have a bag that I could use everyday without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars that I didn't have on a designer bag. These bags are made to be affordable, colourful, and yet a good way to store your everyday necessities. I hope you like them as much as I do and continue to wear them and spread happiness!!